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Wildlife Ridge Winery, Kristy and Kevin Long, started out as a dream, and turned into a reality March 1st, 2013.  Kevin and I are avid wine drinkers, and have enjoyed visiting wineries throughout Missouri.  As our love for wine grew, we decided to build a 3.5 acre lake on our 98 acre farm, along with a facility for wine tastings, wine and gift sales. As we start our new venture we will be purchasing all our grapes from other Missouri vineyards and then start the planting process of our own small vineyard in late 2014 or 2015. Once our vines become mature we will then start harvesting our own grapes as well as still purchase others.

If you are looking for a place to taste some great wine, join us at Wildlife Ridge Winery, conveniently located 14 miles South of  Sedalia, Missouri in Pettis County at the intersection of  State Routes V & M in the little town of Bahner with a Smithton address.  “Wining” is not only allowed it is a requirement at Wildlife Ridge.

Our facility is fully ADA compliant. There are no steps or steep inclines to deal with so come out and enjoy yourself.



1st place at the 2016 People’s Choice Show-Me Wine Competition held in Jefferson City, Missouri.

*News Release Article-Wildlife Ridge Winery, located in Southern Pettis County with a Smithton, Missouri address is proud to announce that our Deceitful Red Wine has won 1st place at the 2016 People’s Choice Show-Me Wine Competition held in Jefferson City, Missouri. Deceitful Red was entered in a Sweet-Semi Sweet Red category. The judging consisted of 300 people doing blind tasting of all the wines that were entered. Deceitful Red can be deceiving (hence the name) so don’t let the deep robust red color fool you. You will be pleasantly surprised by the complex and sweet fruity flavors that burst forth.

Deceitful Red is a 3 grape blend that surprising starts off sweet but finishes dry on your pallet.

Kristy Long (owner/vintner) created the award winning blend while working her magic behind the tasting bar. She is always mixing different grape varietals to come up with different blends for our patrons to sample.

Wildlife Ridge Winery has been open for just over 3 years. We started out making small amounts of wine 6 years ago and now have turned our business into a 5000 gallon a year winery operation.

Wildlife Ridge Winery is open year round with inside seating as well as unlimited outside seating. We are very proud to be a part of Pettis County.

Come out and enjoy any of our 10 wines we have to offer as well as our full complimentary wine tasting bar. Oh, and don’t forget “Wining is not only allowed at Wildlife Ridge but it’s a requirement”.



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